About Us

About Us
We are a roofing restoration company based in Penrith, NSW Australia. Our business is locally owned, and we have been operational for the past ten years. We are experts with restoring roofs for both residential and commercial homeowners, and take pride in our work every time!
Our roofing contractors are highly skilled and have vast experience in the industry, and are fully licensed and insured to operate in the Penrith area.
We offer roof restoration services, such as cleaning, repair, resealing, and painting.
When it comes to roof cleaning, we use specialised equipment, such as a pressure washing machine to remove all debris, discolouration, and biological growths from the rooftop. Our cleaning services will make your home admirable and leave it shining, bringing your property back to life.
Our contractors are experts in handling clogged gutters. We understand how clogged gutters can block a water system and cause it to leak. Our contractors are conversant with cleaning gutters, hence making your home conducive to live in.
We understand what it takes to restore your roof and make it have a new look. Our technicians know how to assess your roof before deciding whether to restore or replace it. We recommend that you restore your roof if it is not worn-out.
We understand how a roof replacement can inconvenience your home operations, as well as be an expensive project. We specialise in the renovating your roof, to avoid having to go down this path. If a new roof is needed, we can certainly introduce you to other recommended roofers in Penrith.
Before we do a restoration, our contractors will advise you on different options available, and assess the overall health of the roof to make sure you get a tailored solution. The advice will allow you to make an informed decision before committing to the job! We stand by our quote, and ensure no hidden costs or last minute changes to the roof repair cost!
Our experts can repair your roof, especially when it is damaged or has missing shingles.
We are aware of the challenges of painting a roof, especially when you don’t have the right contractor to do the task. With our services, we assure you of excellent results. We partner with both Robertson’s and Dulux Paint, offering 12 year warranty with all paint jobs.
Before we do any painting, we first assess your roof to determine the best approach to adopt. Based on our evaluation, we will advise you whether to paint or not.
At Penrith Roof Restoration Experts, we understand that resealing is necessary to make your roof beautiful and durable. More importantly, we believe that resealing can protect your roof against structural damages.
Our technicians are conversant with different options for resealing your roof.
We look forward to working with you on your upcoming roof restoration project!