Roof Painting

Painting your roof can make it last longer and also improve the aesthetics! Applying the correct paint and protective covering will also help prevent unnecessary growth of moss and algae on your roof. If your roof is in a sound condition and doesn’t have leaks, coating it will make it more beautiful. We use only the best quality paint with Dulux paint, offering a 12 year warranty with our work.

We have experience in painting all kinds of roofs, from cement tiles, flat roofs, metal roofs, flat roofs, terracotta roofs, and colorbond roofs.

Choosing the right paint for your roof is an essential step in giving you an excellent improvement. If you are not conversant with painting, don’t worry! Our contractors can select paint that can withstand adverse weather without cracking.

However, the paint we choose for you depends on your roof type. For instance, some colors are appropriate for metal roofs, while others are suitable for shingles. More importantly, we ensure that we select a high-quality paint that lasts longer.

Note that metal roofing is durable and long-lasting, and therefore, many homeowners often will choose to have nowadays. If your house is made of metal roofing, bear in mind that the roof is prone to stretching and contracting in the heat.

A metal roof can contract or stretch due to thermal expansion, hence making the paint crack over time. At our company, we are aware that tradition paints brittle when used on many metal roofs, and therefore, we only use paints that are specifically manufactured for metal roofing. For instance, we prefer using water-based acrylic paint that is elastomeric because it doesn’t peel, and is easy to clean. Prior to any paint work, it’s a necessity for a roof to be thoroughly cleaned.

During the assessment of the roof, our team will look for the following:
  • any damages to tiles or tin sheets
  • damages or missing mortar
  • moss buildup that requires further cleaning
  • any existing paint that may be deteriorated
  • the condition of valleys that may be rusted and flashing

We offer the high-quality painting to residential and commercial homeowners in Penrith, NSW Australia.
We understand that roof painting can be a difficult and dangerous task to untrained individuals. Therefore, our mission is to provide Penrith homeowners with quality renovation services that can exceed their expectations.

We are ready and equipped to paint any roof no matter its size, design, or shape.
We look forward to speaking with you about your upcoming restoration project!